Clinical susceptibility test results in only 3 hours

In cases of serious bacterial infections the timely administration of an effective antibiotic therapy is associated with an increase in disease resolution and subsequent patient survival.
For this reason, the microbiology laboratory has to provide "clinically useful results" in order to guide the clinician to choose the most appropriate antibiotic therapy as soon as possible. Rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test (AST) results facilitate effective treatment, reduce the number of laboratory tests ordered, days of hospitalization and Public Health costs.
In addition, they are useful to monitor the evolution of resistant bacteria.



Sidecar, Alfred 60AST and HB&L are conceived in order to properly monitor the turbidity levels of the samples simultaneously to the culture test.

Positive samples are flagged when the turbidity reaches the 0.5 McFarland by McFarland Monitor.

Monomicrobial samples can then be tested with a customized antibiotic panel providing results within few hours.
The results are expressed in percentage of resistance to the antibiotic and classified as Resistant, Intermediate or Sensitive.
Alifax AST is applicable on positive cultures obtained using the Uro-Quick Screening Kit , HB&LTM Culture Kit, bacterial suspensions from isolated colonies and now also on POSITIVE BLOOD CULTURE.

Thanks to the unique application positive blood cultures can be tested with Alifax AST kits dramatically reducing the analytical turnaround time (4,5,6).

Alifax AST gives results about antibiotics effectiveness 24-48 hours sooner than traditional methods.
Comparative studies vs the Kirby Bauer reference system (1,2) and other automated systems (3,4,5) show high correlations.
Now available 33 EUCAST and 30 CLSI antibiotics.