Liquid Cardiac Control

Highly convenient, liquid ready-to-use cardiac control ideal for use in clinical laboratories and at the point-of-care. Method and instrument specific target values are provided for an impressive 10 cardiac markers enabling flexibility and consolidation.

Cardiac Control

Third party, tri-Level cardiac control with assayed instrument and method specific target values provided for 7 cardiac markers.

CK-MB Control

Dedicated CK-MB control with target values and ranges provided for serum start, substrate start and CK-NAC methods.

High Sensitivity Troponin T Control

Designed specifically for use with High Sensitivity Troponin T assays providing target values sufficiently close to the 99th percentile of the reference range (14ng/l).

H-FABP Control

Dedicated control designed for use in the routine monitoring of the novel cardiac marker H-FABP.

BNP Control

Dedicated BNP control with target values provided for Beckman Access, Abbott Architect and Siemens Advia Centaur.

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