HbA1c Control

Assayed HbA1c control with target values provided for all major systems and methods including HPLC. A reconstituted stability of 4 weeks keeps waste to a minimum and helps to reduce costs.

HbA1c Linearity

HbA1c linearity set designed to accurately and reliably verify the linearity of HbA1c assays throughout the patient reportable range.

Haemoglobin F and A2

The Randox Acusera Haemoglobin F and A2 control is specifically designed to monitor the reproducibility and precision of haemoglobin variants associated with Thalasaemia.


Dedicated fructosamine control with a reconstituted stability of 28 days at +2-8oC keeping waste and costs to a minimum.


Dedicated G-6-PDH control designed to monitor the accuracy and precision of G-6-PDH assays. Two levels of control are available covering both normal and deficient concentration ranges.

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