First analyser for Bacterial Culture and the Susceptibility Testing in Human Biological Fluids and Urine



HB&L is the first analyser able to perform bacterial culture, RAA test and susceptibility testing on samples such as urine, sterile or non sterile fluids and other biological samples.
Using the patented technology based on light scattering it is able to detect the presence of bacteria and their drug resistance in a few hours with high sensitivity and specificity.
HB&L monitors the growth phases of bacteria from the inoculum step into specific culture broths providing real time growth curves and quantitative bacterial count results in CFU/ml.
Broth turbidity level is detected by McFarland Monitor and, as the sample reaches the 0.5 McFarland, a visual and audible alert advises that the bacterial culture is ready to be tested for a customized antibiotic panel without awaiting the end of the analysis and avoiding further dilution steps.

The software flexibility of the HB&L allows different tests to be performed simultaneously; each reading unit position is independent from the others and can be set according to sample type, incubation time, test profile, analytical protocol and cut-off.
Two HB&L models are available, one version with 120 sample positions and a 60 position “light” version for reduced workload.