Immunoassay Premium Plus (Lyophilised)

Our most comprehensive immunoassay control with assayed instrument specific values provided for an impressive 54 parameters. The inclusion of tumour markers, therapeutic drugs, intact PTH and Vitamin D helps to reduce costs and the number of controls required.

Immunoassay Premium (Liquid)

Convenient to use, liquid control with assayed instrument specific values provided for 44 parameters including a wide range of hormones and therapeutic drugs.

Immunoassay Premium (Lyophilised)

Assayed control with instrument specific values and ranges provided for a comprehensive range of 51 analytes covering therapeutic drugs and hormones.

Immunoassay Speciality I

Assayed control covering 10 specialised immunoassay parameters including Procalcitonin, Anti-TG, Anti-TPO and Vitamin D.

Immunoassay Speciality II

Assayed control covering 4 complex immunoassay parameters including Procalcitonin, Calcitonin, Gastrin and Renin.

Tumour Marker Control (Liquid)

Convenient, liquid ready-to-use control with assayed, instrument specific target values and ranges provided for 15 routine and esoteric tumour markers.

Tumour Marker Control

Assayed control covering 15 cancer antigens and tumour markers making it ideal for even the most demanding laboratories.

Maternal Screening Control

Ideal for use during first and second trimester maternal screening. The inclusion of Inhibin A and PAPP-A eliminates the need to purchase additional controls.

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